Two shoe designers, two shoe lines.
One cozy showroom in the quaint Brera district of Milan.

Creating and selling their custom-made and ready-to-wear shoes to the lucky ones who know they exist (they are just on their third season), their showroom has become a sort of home-away-from-home for the absolute chicest of Milanese women. Tucked away in a suggestive, quiet cobble-stone courtyard with rose garden and ---- yes, PALM TREES !! ---- loads of fetishers (shoes, of course…) meet up at HEIDRICH GUABELLO for a nice,long sit on the comfy velvet armchairs giving themselves plenty of time to consult with one another over styles, colours, heel s and whatnot before the final HEAVENLY INDULGE.

The indulgers? Elegant, feminine, classic. Stylish yet “anonymous”, never eccessive.

The shoes? Elegant, feminine, classic. Stylish yet “anonymous”, never eccessive.

Both Mary and Carolina have worked in the fashion industry in various house since they were teenagers , globe-trotting from the likes of Los Angeles to the likes of New York and Paris. While Carolina was working at Chanel in Paris in the 80’s, Mary was studying fashion at Parson’s School of Design in NYC at the same time as doing stages for designers such as Oscar della Renta. They both had further experiences in French, American and Italian houses before settling in Milan.

Carolina comes from a textile family in Biella, Mary from a citrus family in Florida. They met one another through their baby boys in Milan 17 years ago, hit it off as great friends immediately and waited for the day to arrive when they could unleash their passion for well-made shoes and open their custom-made women’s shoes business. They share complimentary tastes in just about everything and their common passion for esthetics, functionability and quality strongly links them. They both have a love of unexpected colour combinations as well as a traditional touch which translates into a refined style, which is feminine and at times very sensual, in both shoe collections. Once acquired, Heidrich Guabello shoes are greatly appreciated for the comfort they provide (they have little secret recipes for this!!) and of course for the poetic colour stories and sensible heels.

The first custom-made collection quickly led to the prêt-a-porter collection, and VOILà ! HEIDRICH GUABELLO was born, and the news is spreading like wild fire. Their custom-made business has

really caught on : women are finding the thrill of deciding the colours, leathers, fabrics , heel shape and height of their own shoes to be addictive! And for those who have “problem feet”, an appointment with the podiatrist and/or artisan is conveniently set to guarantee the perfect fit and comfort.

The Heidrich Guabello ready-to-wear collection is also rapidly catching on and now sells in various retail outlets in Italy and abroad. In Milan you can find them at Mari in Via Manzoni, at The Vetrina di Beryl in Via Statuto, at Mariza Tassy in Via Molino delle Armi and at Carla Saibene in Via San Maurilio. In Turin you can find them at The Corner/So San Lorenzo in Piazza Carlina, in Biella at Daisy and William in Via XX Settembre and in Pietrasanta at Zoe. They also sell at Eye Candy in Muscat, Oman.

Their shoes are known for shape and colour matches that are somewhat anonymous, not so easily recognizable, unlike many shoe lines today. Heidrich Guabello is never outrageous! The women both have faith in their own instincts, and are wholeheartedly devoted to classic, poetic and sensible beauty. Their shoes are created in the traditional Italian shoe-making circles. Their assemblers are top Italian shoe producers and all of the materials are of the highest quality. All made in Italy.

When it comes to materials and colours, Mary and Carolina dig right down into their hearts and souls. A wonderful play of self-expression to slip your foot into.